Sunday Service Ringing:

Sundays      9.00 am to  9.30 am

Occasionally for Evensong       6.00 pm to 6.30 pm

(usually on festivals)

Practice Nights:

Thursdays from about 8.00 pm until 9.30 pm.

For more information, please contact the Tower Captain, Grant Pyner Tel: 01342 835422 or email him at

On the Third Thursday in each month, we are joined by colleagues from other towers which provides an opportunity to do some more adventurous ringing than we can manage with our own band.

Visiting Ringers are very welcome to join us for both Sunday Service ringing and Practice Nights.

Learning to Ring:

New ringers are always welcome.

Come along to the church tower on a Thursday evening and see what is involved. (Please do not open the tower door while the bells are actually ringing). There is a knack in ringing bells which takes a little time to master, but once learnt opens up endless possibilities to develop a great tradition and you will be made very welcome in virtually all of the 5000 or so rings of bells in this country and beyond.

Details of the bells

To the existing five bells in this tower, three trebles were added, the tenor recast and all rehung with new fittings in a metal frame by Gillett & Johnston
Rededicated on 15th December 1934 by The Rt. Rev. The Lord Bishop of Woolwich


Bell Note Dia cwt qtr lb kg Inscription

1 Treble


27″ 5 0 1 254 The five bells were rehung, the tenor recast and three trebles added by Public subscription Christmas 1934 Vicar John Arthur Owen BA     Gillett & Johnston Croydon.
2 F 28″ 5 1 5 269

The fund for the restoration and augmentation of these bells was originated by Emily M. Chapman

Gillett & Johnston Croydon 1934

3 D# 29″ 6 0 0 305 The Children’s Bell      Gillett & Johnston 1934
4 C# 30″ 7 0 10 360 Bryan Eldridge made mee 1648
5 B 32″ 7 2 12 386 Bryan Eldridge made mee 1648
6 A# 36″ 10 0 7 511 Bryan Eldridge made mee 1648
7 G# 40″ 12 1 13 628 Bryan Eldridge made mee 1648
8 Tenor F# 44″ 16 2 0 838 Richard Constable, Christopher Knight Churchwardens 1648
Francis Collin B.A. Recast by Gillett & Johnston 1934


The bells are mounted on ball bearings in a two level steel frame with the 5, 7 and 8 being on the lower level.